In Texas, it’s a known fact that everything is always bigger, better, and done with a lot more flare. From giant donuts and briskets, all the way to massive murals and statues, Texas never fails to create things that truly bring wonder to the many people that visit and live there.

When it comes to Austin, the same can be said. Known for their iconic slogan, ‘keep Austin weird’, and their truly unique variety of historical and modern culture, Austin is not new to the idea of mixed media by no means. However, with such a vibrant community and a flourishing creative scene, it’s no wonder why some Austin alcohol ink artists are opting to redefine vibrancy and showcase mixed media in a whole new light.

The question is, what is alcohol ink art, how are these Austin-based alcohol ink artists changing the name of the game with their stunning colors and passion, and why is Austin specifically so important to these artists?

Alcohol Ink Art

What is Alcohol ink art?

Alcohol ink is a vibrant alcohol-based ink option that is often used on paper and canvas as it is extremely bright as well as longer-lasting than other ink options. Years after an alcohol ink painting is completed, the same vibrancy can be seen.

However, the art of alcohol ink is not particularly easy. In fact, to truly get these vibrant colors to reach their full potential, it is essential that the artist using them has experience with other painting forms such as oil or acrylic. The reason for this is that the colors tend to spread and can be very delicate to work with. That is why this particular art form is one that is often done by more professional artists with plenty of experience to match.

This art form is not only utilized on its own but is often combined with other art materials such as paint pens or calligraphy to create stunning images with high contrast. This also requires experience and patience as it takes time for the ink to dry in order to use the markers, pens, or other ink forms on top of it.

Alcohol Ink Art

Why Austin Alcohol ink Artists are ‘Proud of Their Roots’

Did you know that one of the main sources of income yearly for Texas is the arts? According to a study performed by the Texas Commission on the Arts, art now generates $5.5 billion yearly for Texas’ economy and 1 in every 15 Texans is involved in the Arts sector.

The reason that this is important is that these Austin alcohol ink artists are part of a community that embraces creativity and art. They are able to take their creative minds to new heights and form art that is both indicative of their passion for their state as well as their passion for their craft.

In most cases, art is an expression of themselves and their beliefs and being a part of a culture that encourages this allows many Austin alcohol ink artists to be able to create artworks that have deeper messages and meanings not only to themselves but to their commission-based clients.

In fact, a great example of this can be seen by a statement made by Austin alcohol ink artist Debbie Upton when she stated, “I like to create simple, modern, and relevant mixed media artwork and t-shirt designs. Some are just abstract, some have important (in my mind) messages.”

The truth is that this relevancy to their community and to themselves is exactly how they redefine this passion and vibrancy in their art. The color, the messages, the mix of various mediums, and the community they live in is what makes this alcohol ink art just as big and bright—and weird—as the city and the state it originates from.

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