Did you know that every 1 in 15 Texans is involved in the Arts sector? In fact, according to a study performed by the Texas Commission on the Arts, art now generates $5.5 billion yearly for Texas’ economy. With these statistics in mind and a desire to keep local art alive, you may want to support your community’s arts as well—but how? Perhaps,

Austin Alcohol Ink Artist

the answer is closer than you think and comes in the form of one local Austin alcohol ink artist: Debbie Upton.

Whether you’re looking for a present for your special someone or simply looking for a piece of amazing handcrafted and unique art to put on your wall, there are many options in the Austin area. As a center for art and creativity, Austin has a diverse and highly talented art scene including graffiti artists, musicians, sketch artists, mixed media masters, and tattoo artists.

However, with so much local art to choose from, you may be asking yourself what exactly makes an Austin alcohol ink artist truly stand out. To delve into the beautiful and magical world of alcohol ink art, you first have to know exactly what alcohol ink art is and why hiring an Austin alcohol ink artist such as Debbie Upton is sure to set your home decor or special gift ideas apart.

Austin Alcohol Ink Artist

What is Alcohol Ink Art?

According to Art Tutor, alcohol ink is a vibrant alcohol-based medium that is extremely hard to control and master. This alcohol ink can be used on various types of materials but performs best on paper and canvas. Accompanied by other mediums, this colorful and outstanding ink can create stunning abstract pieces that stay vibrant for years to come and hold nicely on the materials used.

Alcohol ink art itself is the art form of mastering this medium and creating stunning pieces of custom, handmade art with them. To create truly beautiful pieces of work, experience in other mediums is recommended. For instance, when it comes to the Austin alcohol ink artist, Debbie Upton, having a Bachelors degree in Art Education, a Masters degree in Art Therapy, and extensive experience in oil painting and mixed media has allowed her to perfect this art format in less time than it would take a new artist by far.

However, now that you know more about what alcohol ink art is, you still may be wondering why you should commission or purchase a piece of art in this format. Fortunately, the reasons are clear and simple and all involve a passion for creativity and the city of Austin as a whole.

Why Choose an Austin Alcohol Ink Artist?

With so many artists in the Austin community alone and even more in the state of Texas as well, having a desire for local art alone is not reason enough to specifically choose to work with an Austin alcohol ink artist. So, why choose this type of artist in particular?

The answer lies in dedication, stylistic choice, vibrancy, diversity, value, the content of their character, and various materials you can choose from.

  • Dedication

When choosing an artist, you may have an emphasis on perceived dedication. With an artist such as Debbie Upton, you are sure to get a product that truly shows dedication to the craft and passion. Her combined experience and talent account for every piece of her art and show through in every piece of Austin alcohol ink art she creates.

  • Stylistic Choice

Every person looking for a unique handmade piece of art has a different style and theme to the piece of art they want. From pop culture and realism to abstract art and impressionism, art in Austin varies. However, what makes Austin alcohol ink art by Debbie Upton in particular so special is that it reflects simplicity, beauty, and uplifting messages that resonate with all people in every walk of life.

  • Vibrancy

American Illustrator Andrew Loomis once said, “Art without color would lose much of its purpose”. In this sense, Austin alcohol ink artist Debbie Upton brings purpose into every one of her art pieces through the use of vibrant and unbelievable colors. This vibrancy is the highlight of her art format and is why countless individuals in the Austin area continue to use her art to add intrigue to their homes.

  • Diversity

With many art pieces you would otherwise find in stores, there is no diversity or unique characteristics. Instead, they are simply repetitions of the others and nothing more than copies of an original piece of art. However, with Debbie Upton’s art, you are sure to get original ideas and pieces that set your gift or decor apart from the countless others surrounding you.

  • Value

Have you ever experienced an artist that expects far too much for their work or, similarly, one that simply gives it away? Both of these situations are truly depressing as an art lover to witness. Fortunately, an artist that knows their value such as an Austin alcohol ink artist like Upton recognizes what their art truly should cost and never lets a true art fan feel cheated.

  • The Content of Their Character

The past, the experience, and passion are what makes a true artist. When it comes to Debbie Upton, she once said, “I like to create simple, modern, and relevant mixed media artwork and t-shirt designs. Some are just abstract, some have important (in my mind) messages.” Having a message and sticking to it is what makes an artist special and also where their passion and dedication are nurtured most.

  • Material Options

Lastly, whilst graffiti artists specialize in wall art, oil painters choose to work on canvases only, and many illustrators choose to stick to paper, with Austin alcohol ink art, artists like Debbie Upton are able to take this art form to canvases, papers, and even T-shirts. This freedom means you are able to choose from a series of materials when picking the art that best fits you or the special someone for which you are buying this art.

With an understanding of what alcohol ink art is and what separates other art forms from the art created by Austin alcohol ink artists such as Debbie Upton, it’s no wonder why this up-and-coming medium is being seen in more and more homes statewide.

If you would like to be a part of this celebration of local art and the amazing individuals that make it, check out the custom artworks and T-Shirts made my Debbie Upton and don’t hesitate to contact her for custom quotes and more information on the wonderful world of alcohol ink art!

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